Richard CarrollFirstly – I'd like to say well done for taking the first step towards feeling better or making changes in your life.

Even though looking at my website might seem a very minor step; I find the people who see me have often been struggling with something for awhile but have put off taking that first step as the thought of seeing a counsellor can be daunting. 

It could be that you feel you are not coping, are having difficulties in relationships, grieving a loved one, perhaps you are struggling with depression and/or anxiety.  Or you may be battling with addictions and need help.

Counselling can support you in exploring and releasing painful burdens that prevent you from living the life you want - therefore, enabling you to feel more self-assured, more confident, more accepting of yourself and better able to cope with life.

Working with a counsellor requires a relationship of trust, honesty and support that allows you to be the person you really are – without limitations, without censorship and definately without feeling judged. 

It's important to 'shop around' for a counsellor you feel comfortable working with, this could involve finding out more about them and how they work. My aim for this website is to give you as much information as possible without using too much jargon. Please click on the tabs to find out more.

Finally, remember counselling is an investment in yourself…….invest wisely and well. 

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