How I Work

Storm clouds clearingHow I work

In my practice I work with individuals and couples of all ages, genders, backgrounds, sexual orientations, races and ethnicities. As mentioned earlier, I offer a non-judgemental, caring and safe relationship in which you can explore whatever is causing you pain, distress or concern.

I began my training at a local college in Hampshire and finished a Master degree at the University of South Wales. Initially I trained as a Person-Centred counsellor then further training enabled me to integrate the various other therapeutic approaches. Additional study has helped me draw together techniques and strategies to support and assist people in feeling more in control and able to cope.   Supplementary training has enabled me to work with couples, via webcam and in a structure short-term way.

Jargon free talk -                                                                         

This really means that I use a supportive relationship to enable you to explore how you are feeling at a deep level, always respectfully accepting your experience without making any interpretations or assumptions.

We all have the inner resources to heal, change and grow, but we silence that inner voice that has all the answers and guides us to the right solution. I take the time to re-connect you to that quiet inner voice, so you can solve your problems in a way that is right for you. My clients tell me the experience of being less alone in their problem is healing in itself. 

My main focus is on how you are feeling now; exploring this opens up the door to clearing the past, out of date feelings, to initiate the freedom to create a future without fear and a future you are excited about.

I find that words often fail us – we cannot find the words to really express the spectrum of emotions we are feeling. Therefore, occasionally, with your permission and with your comfort level being the most important thing to me, I may introduce a creative way of working.

Working creatively may mean using stones, shells, drawings or small objects to bring a different focus to our work which may enable us to gain alternative valuable insights that support your healing.

Sometimes it is appropriate to use other approaches, this may mean that I employ simple techniques and theories from CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), T.A (Transactional Analysis) with the aim to really support you and enhance our work to give the you maximum benefit.

For information on how I work with couples please click on the 'couples counselling' tab

You will see from the 'Expertise and Experience' section that I have worked in this way in many different settings, for many years with many different issues.

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