'I have been inspired by your wisdom, enriched by your knowledge and moved by your compassion' (S, Guildford) 

I am a qualified teacher with over 12 years experience of teaching counselling at all levels of both further education and higher education. I have also written a BSc (Hons) Counselling, which is being taught at a University satellite college.  

In addition to this I have developed and delivered training in schools to educate and inform young people on a variety of topics as part of the 'being healthy' agenda.

I am familiar with exploring the needs of a training provider and developing training specifically targeted to meet these needs. Further more, I have spend time in companies/agencies looking at the longer term training needs and created plans and developed packages to ensure their training objectives are achieved. 

Some of the counselling related workshops I have developed and delivered are -

  • Working with client's who self-harm/injure
  • Working with a client using street drugs
  • Counselling children
  • Counselling young people
  • Introduction to supervision
  • Mental health awareness
  • Maintaining an ethical focus 

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